JD Group of companies is one of the most respected auto care and rent a car companies in the industry exceptionally recognized for its technology driven applications essence with far superior service quality standards. In a highly competitive arena JD stands elevated for being accepted as one of the most reliable sources to provide astonishing transport service. Recognized as one of the few transport companies in Sri Lanka to be acknowledged and certified by ISO 9001:2008 certification, J D has immensely contributed to the enhancement of the performance of companies in the caliber of Mobitel, SAGT and HSBCDPL through offering comprehensive and unique tailor made transport solutions speciically crafted to their own business modules.

Equipped with highly talented and well experienced committed staff with over 50 years of combined experience JD is perceived as one of the most responsible and reliable transport service providers in an ever demanding the corporate
environment assisting companies to maximize the proits. Ethically driven, JD has the core principles of corporate social responsibility at the heart of its strategy, objectives and policies. CSR being a sound business practice, our
focus is on developing and gifting responsible and disciplined drivers to our beloved motherland. We help sustain the happy balance between economic growth, social well‐being and the protection of the environment. Our CSR
initiatives involve the employees, civil society and all stakeholders of our business to work together for one common future, effectively enhancing and adding value to all lives and our ethical business.